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A New Venue for Washington DC in the Nation's Back Yard


Trust for the National Mall


A New Venue for Washington DC in the Nation's Back Yard

Hammerton Barca proposed a new venue for a landmark location

The trust for the National mall is a non-profit partner of the US national park service (NPS) dedicated to restoring and improving the nations back yard.

As part of efforts to develop new sources of revenue, Hammerton Barca were invited to propose new projects that would satisfy this goal, in addition to raising the profile of the trust’s mission.

Drawing from a library of business information data, local market knowledge, and in-depth analysis of the trust’s risk profile, we conceived a new temporary events venue for Washington DC to be placed in one of the malls most scenic areas, against the backdrop of the Washington monument.

The proposal helped the trust to understand how it could manage the risk of this new venture, and how the business model would begin generating revenue well in advance of launch and for years into the future; ultimately helping to draw significant direct and indirect funds to further its core mission.

To find out more about this project and our expertise, please get in touch. You can also visit our case studies page to see similar projects.

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