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Go to Market Strategy

Launching an event or media property carries significant financial risk. Our role is to help quantify and mitigate that risk.

Using data sources, research and experience, we evaluate markets, conceptualize formats, identify opportunities, and build actionable plans.

Common goals include

  • Building ticket or revenue models and creating value-based pricing structures

  • Implementing digital strategies for traditional events and media to boost profitability

  • Researching, selecting and procuring venues

  • Identifying and soliciting sources of regional government and corporate funding or subsidies

  • Building budgets and financial forecasts

  • Ideating concepts and designing content for rights holders and agencies

  • Creating technical plans and 3D visuals

  • Producing long term strategy documents and goals

Client Stories

Washington National Cathedral

A Christmas Market for an Iconic Location

Copy of Washington_National_Cathedral_edited.jpg
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