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Transaction Support

We support corporate and private equity clients both buy-side and sell-side with project management of their M&A activity and advisory in relation to transactions.

We specialize in supporting transaction sizes between $1m and $15m. This is an area of the market that is underserved: beyond the capabilities of a deal-shop or broker, yet below the level that would typically be classed as a lower middle market transaction by an M&A advisory.

Buy side
Owners exiting a business often face a hugely complex task of identifying the right M&A advisory partner to work with. Navigating the M&A landscape as well as preparing the company for sale also puts a heavy burden on existing resources. We specialize in providing support to structure and prepare relevant information in advance, and manage the procurement of the right M&A partner for your business. This helps to get you to market quicker, and subsequently reduce large retainers paid to advisory firms.

Sell side
On the sell side we specifically support firms purchasing live event properties with operational due diligence. This is particularly important in the events sector as they are time bound by nature, presenting a limited window for buyers to conduct boots on the ground due diligence, and relate that to other data points.

We specialize in conducting this boots on the ground analysis and reporting. We apply a suite of qualitative and quantitative data collection methods on site at events to produce detailed reports about the health of a property, identifying opportunities for growth, operational issues, and risk areas for buyers.

Our analysis is backed by our real world experience delivering many types of event projects. Particularly those where stakeholders sentiment, be they attendees, sponsors or exhibitors can be a crucial barometer of future success.

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