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We do integrated project delivery for events and digital media, business operations consulting, go to market strategy and transaction support.

We work with sports, media and entertainment properties, cultural institutions, tourism destinations, agencies, b2b, and consumer brands.

Hammerton Barca offers a range of consulting services to support every aspect of corporate, consumer and entertainment events and media properties. Our core customers are rights owners and organizers between $1m and $15m in annual revenues.

Rights owners are presiding over a fundamental shift in the way audiences expect to engage and interact, accelerated by the global pandemic. As part of our core principles, we believe that:


  • The lines between events, digital media, editorial and advertising are becoming ever more blurred. The most successful media and entertainment businesses of the future will be those that embrace this change, and ensure their community building efforts connects people across these touch points.

  • First party data will be at the heart of the media and entertainment space in to the future, and only by creating an effective feedback loop through proper collection an analysis will smaller business be able to compete with larger players

  • The next ten years will see the emergence of the most disruptive technologies in our history. In particular, spatial and ambient computing will change how we engage with content. Those who are nimble enough to become early adopters will develop a significant advantage in the long term.

We aim to create measurable value for clients, and bring our knowledge of best practices and data from the wider industry to every project.

Our Clients

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